January 16, 2017


Job Duties:

  • Fulfills our client’s marketing objectives on time, on target and within budget.
  • Works collaboratively with University offices including University Publications, Web and New Media, Admissions, Alumni Association, and University Communications as needed to meet our specific marketing objectives.
  • Formulates and implements yearly advertising campaigns in excess of $40,000 to promote educational opportunities to students 25-45 years.
  • Has worked closely with an integrated marketing specialist, performing market research, to assess the needs of our students and to deliver the most effective message within our advertising initiatives.
  • Conducts Facebook and Google Adwords advertising.
  • Uses Google Analytics to analyze the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Performs marketing campaigns for University departments working collaboratively with Missouri State Outreach.
  • Writes and produces ads, television and radio commercials for the satellite offices, as well as the Evening College Plus program and other Outreach units as needed.

Marketing campaigns can be viewed on the Missouri State Outreach blog.


  • Small Business and Technology Development Center
    Developing a Winning Marketing Plan, one day class (2012)
  • University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
    Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar (November 2014)